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Ituk S85 Student Chair

Technical specifications

  1. design suitable for training centers and schools
  2. a perfectly standard product in compliance with medical principles
  3. with standard seat and moving leaning support for relaxation of the operator
  4. Capability of separation and reassembly at the delivery
  5. Equipped with movable handles appropriate with the operators size
  6. This product is design as a group educational chair with an extraordinary strength with an adjustable leg for balancing the legs.

Public specifications

  1. Equipped with exclusive wooden structure with special design and long lasting and durable
  2. All metal parts have been nickel-chrome plated and are resistant against climatic conditions
  3. Having movable medical back agreeable with bend of the waste in compliance with medical principles
  4. Elasticity of the seal surface
  5. In making the polymer parts of the product, industrial fiber-bearing compounds have been used
  6. Existence of tiny holes in back and seat surface for preventing sweating of operator’s body in long working fours (breathing mode)