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ituk company started its activity in 70’s in a factory of 70 square meter by producing household polymeric components and then by observing the needs of market shifted to vehicle industry. In 1999, ituk devoted some parts of its production capacity to polymeric components of vehicles that resulted in making a contraction with large companies like Sazeh Gostar Saipa and Sepehr tabashir and established the production line for producing some components of vehicles like Xantia ,Pride, and Nissan and this consistent and satisfactory cooperation finished after 4 years due to the financial problems of vehicle producers in year 2002. The company proceed toward its pre- designed goals with full potential and to achieve firm’s objectives and customer demands, the mould unit was established and after some years of production invested more in this industry to expand its market in office furniture. It made the company to produce specialized metal components of office furniture and to improve the quality and take the level of its productions to global standard. The company then imported specific machines of this industry like CNC that can be considered as an evolution in office furniture industry in Iran. It attracted accredited brands of market such as Nilper, liyotop, Arvand, Nazari, Radsystem, etc. and provided 80 percent of polymeric and metal components of these brands. As they confirm, ituk is honored to play an important role in growth and development of furniture industry by achieving the technical knowledge and specialized method of producing components. After 2 decades from the start of company activity and gaining experience and many honors in building components of various industries and by using present potentials such as skilled human force, engineering and technical unit, quality control and lab unit ,production line and complementary service advanced lines of metal components production (pressing ,welding ,bending ,machinery ,assembly ,polishing), mould unit, specialized line of decorative Nickel and Chromium plating, polymeric components production, sewing unit ,it registered a commercial brand called “ituk” in year 2011 and continued its activity in an area of 3000 square meter and created job for 50 people directly and 200 people indirectly. It continued to obtain its predetermined goals of creating an accredited science-based brand based on market and costumer needs. It applied sciences like Ergonomics. Aesthetic, rigidity preservation, modern and creative design, and after-sale service and finally after 4 years established a final product family called “Sepehr” family.

The new product release occurred in HOFEX exhibition 2015 and Tehran international exhibition 2016 which resulted in achieving the first rank with highest special score (948 out of 1000) and obtaining gold prize in category of chair for public places, waiting and gathering halls and airports.

After this honor and recognition of ituk brand as a phenome in the exhibition and also visit of some Alborz province officials, due to the design style and export capability of ituk product, by invitation of Association of Iranian inventors, ituk attended the 5th national fair of Islamic Azad university as an honored guest and also the 5th festival of growth in Tehran and Alborz province and won the festival statue by presenting its educational products.

We proudly declare that with the help of god, ituk has achieved the significant part of its pre-determined objectives and always attempts to provide services in the level of famous Iranian brands.

ituk position in market:

One of ituk’s honor during its short time entrance in the office furniture market is the trust of Tejarat banks in Alborz province, Tehran Omid hospital, Zahedan medical university and Bandar-abas shipping company and also the request of the most accredited office furniture stores from all around the country to have sales representative of ituk products .They certify the quality, creativity and innovation in ituk products.

Some of ituk products:

A: Specialized chairs with medical consideration for institutes and classrooms.

B: specialized chairs with medical consideration for employees of offices and banks.

C: office furniture with standard consideration for manager’s offices.

D: waiting chairs specialized for public places, waiting halls and airports.

E: Management and expert chairs for managers