Medicine definition: medicine is a applicable science that cure illnesses and rehabilitate sufferers with the goal of preserving and promoting healthiness and to achieve this goal make efforts to recognize, diagnose, cure and prevent illnesses. This knowledge is based on wide range of sciences such as physics, biology, engineering, human science and social sciences. In our time, some objectives of medical science are using basic knowledge in technologies and deductive reasoning for treating clinical problems. Physiology view provided better understanding of illnesses complex process and new treating approaches.

Physical medicine: Since more than 80 percent of people have experienced backache once in their life, physical and rehabilitation medicine have gained special attention.

Technological progresses and new issues emergence have helped physical medicine to probably reduce some of the individual’s skeleton and muscle pains and problems. We should also keep in mind that physical medicine is not just restricted to physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Physical medicine definition:

It is a clinical specialized field that investigates prevention and treatment of physical disabilities and is expert in Physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Why physical medicine:

Since physical medicine has developed significantly in treatment and prevention in physical activities particularly in skeleton and muscle areas, by including this filed into related industries and products can perform more effectively in prevention and treatment of work environment physical and health related illnesses.

ituk and physical medicine:

ituk, with its medical approach, attempts to use the opportunities and therefore makes its products completely consistent with medical science and the objectives of physical and work environment health. Hence, ituk, with completely different view than previous industries could change the so-called expression of “office chair” into “work chair” in office equipment industry. ituk has also attempted to form this word in respect to efficiency and physical advantages of its product.

Using the word “work chair” is preferable because each individual sit on these chairs for some hours at home or firm to do specific work. This time can have physical effect on its body.

Therefore, ituk has attempted to combine medical standards and creativity and beauty to create and produce completely different products, so that the product itself confirms to be a safe and confident companion with consumer.