Based on statistics, more than 90 percent of the seats and backs of office chairs in Iran are made and designed from wood or plastics and unfortunately, the sweating and air flow issue has not been noticed carefully and operators often complain about sweating during work. itok company has investigated this problem and solved it in Sepehr model family, so that by making some small holes in back and seat of the chair created a breathing system. This system only works when a person uses this product without any mattress or a mattress with a textile cover. Due to the lack of knowledge, consumer often choose the product with leather mattress which is in contrary to the principles of breath capable product and finally operator is unsatisfied after using it in different seasons. For example, it causes operator to be warm and sweating in summer and cold in winter. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to this rule when purchasing products with mattress and use textile cover instead of leather. There is also a wrong view that leather products have higher quality and strength than textile products. It should be mention that first, all what is used in office furniture industry in Iran are not natural leather but complete artificial leather, however, they are called leather since it has become common expression, second, due to the progress and development in textile industry in recent years, the textures have been designed and produced that are specific to the furniture industry and in aspect of strength and efficiency are proper replacement for the artificial leather.